A Remote Area Of Australia

Make introduction with him is a comfortable thing although just through a facebook. Yah, his name Mark Osborn. And now, he have been merried and has one son. I say comfortable enough because through him, I can know more about Australia, especially a remote area of Australia.

Mark say that Australia is one of continent in the world. Beside north verge Indonesia Country, beside south verge South Pole / Antartic Continent, beside east verge Pacific Ocean, and beside west verge Hindia Ocean.

He told to me, generally, Australia has many culture that different from Indonesia. For example, this is very famous about original ethnic in Australia. They called by Aborigin Ethnic. Until now, this original culture still everlasting. Mark give example as a stone that symbolize friends or friendship. And the other example is boomerang.

Just for add our information, that Australian life style reflected democratic liberal tradition and also geographycal closeness values for asia-pacific area. For example, generally, Australia fine arts reputed with a cave painting and wood leather painting.

But, Mark and his family live in a remote area of Australia, far from any town of city. Mark says that he is not a typical Australian family, but in my opinion his city include Australia, so he is typical Australian family too. They live in a capital city near the coast. Very middle of Australia 1500 kms to nearest area sea.

And then about his beloved son, he does home schooling through school of the air in Alice Springs. The school of the air is in the top 10% of the states education rating. So, they are all a grade students because they have 1 student and 1 tutor each student. The school has only 140 students from primary to junior high school.

In his life environment there are just twenty people. And seven children there. They live at a work site with domestic housing. He haven’t teenage children, so he can’t tell more about it. But he say that relationship between girl and boy is almost same with Indonesia Country. They called by boyfriend and girlfriend. And if we talk about family planning, Mark said that he not sure about that, because Australia is a liberal country. Included abortion, it is depend on each person.


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